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a live look this morning from the jfk presidential library and museum in boston where mourners are ling up to see senator ted kennedy's
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casket. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm gurvir dhindsa. there will be a celebration tonight and then a funeral tomorrow and the body will be brought to our area. matt acland has more on how the world will remember the man known as the liberal lyon. >> reporter: following the service in boston tomorrow, the senator's body will be loaded on to a airline and then a motorcade will go to the capitol and then the motorcade will continue on to arlington fashional cemetery. long before the doors opened this morning, mourners arrived in boston. senator edward kennedy's body will lie in repose until 3:00 this afternoon. it is estimated between 20 and 25,000 people passed by his casket yesterday. the line so long, the viewing hours were extended to 2:00 in the morning. >> i'm just so moved.
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i love the kennedy family and just to be a part of this is so amazing. so amazing. >> reporter: the senator's final journey through his home state began at kennedy compound in cape cod. as the hearse made it's way to boston, people lined the streets and overpasses. later today the will be a private memorial service followed by a funeral tomorrow. the eulogy delivered by president obama, who is vacationing on nearby martha's vineyard. >> he's been working on it. he's got a greet team of speech writers that he works with but this is going to be a personal statement on saturday. >> reporter: and later on saturday, the senator will be taken here to arlington national cemetery where he will be laid to rest next to his fallen brothers. the service will be private, simple, and traditional. >> whether it's a senator, or president of the united states, whether it's a private, they all are entitled to the same honors. >> reporter: the casket will rival at andrews air force base
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around 3:00. the service at the capitol takes place an hour after that and then a private ceremony here at arlington national cemetery at 5:30. the senator's body will be laid to rest in between his brothers, robert kennedy and the late president john f. kennedy. matt acland, fox 5 news. >> all of the surprising presidents except fort elder george bush would attend. his son's presence would represent the family. and a major change is in store for the kennedy compound at hyannis port. fox news has learned that the six acre estate will become a museum. it served as the summer white house during the jfk presidency and a home base for the entire kennedy family. president obama is extending his vacation, his rest and relaxation has been interrupted by the passing of senator kennedy. the president also renominated federal reserve chairman ben bernanke this week so the
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president will take a few more days off next weewhen returning to washington but this time closer to town at camp david. the first family did find time to have fun yesterday. here they are on a bike ride at martha's vineyard. and they toured a lighthouse with some family and friends. grab that urella if you are planning to head out this afternoon. >> in fact, you might need to keep it handy all weekend. that's what tucker tells us. the clouds are starting to thicken up out there. >> it will feel like rain. we have rain on our doorstep, down toward fredericksberg and we . mo have a food watch. let's get to the radar. the rain showers are not too far ay g 'sinndeparou s and we're p ickng up rain showers and some of that shower activity looks to be hevy down to the southowd ar95nd 9waldorf and fredericksberg. that's pushing up to the north and northeast over the last 20 minutes to seal see
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ur fi in during the next few hours and thunderstorms too lo all of hrain now developing ofd tosouth an west. that's headed in our direction as wa w aveh big plume of tropical moisture being pulled up from the south. so it is -- there is a potential we could see strong thunderstorms later today and that could induce some briefly heavy rainfall amots. by that i mean 1-2 inches of rain is possible. so because of that, we have a flash flood watch here in the district for much of maryland and portions of virginia as well. all of those counties in green under a flood watch from 2:00 through this evening. that's issued tbty y he fashion weather service and there is concern for ponding on some of the roadways. your forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies and be prepared for the possibilityf showers and thunderstorms. not going to rain all afternoon but it is a possibility you could see showers and thunderstorms liand some storms could be on the strong side. high temperature 82 rede tg. es i'll be back in a couple of minutes and give you a tropical
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storm danny update in a few minutes. gurvir. >> tucker, thanks. another big story that we're following this midday, an amazing story of survival. a girl held captive for 18 years. this woman was snatched from a bus stop when sh was just a child and has been found alive. jaycee lee dug order was 11 years old old when she was kidnapped. fox's lauren sieve on has more. >> reporter: it's a case of kidnapping, race and conspiracy that goes back 18 years. jaycee dugard was 11 years old old in 1991 when strangers kidnapped her from her california home. >> no connection to the family. they literally snatched her off the streets. >> reporter: she resurfaced this week as police investigating a strange man seen near the university of berkeley. >> they wanted to have a venue to talk in public and access the campus. >> reporter: backgrounds revealed a 1971 sex offense and told to meet with his parole
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officer. >> he brought along with him two minors and his wife and a female named alyssa. >> reporter: alyssa turned out to be jaycee, and the two minors were children fartherred by him. >> there was a hidden backyard within a backyard with shrubbery and trees you can't see the structures, they were kept in complete isolation. >> reporter: neighbors couldn't see in and they were secluded in the backyard. >> none of the children had gone to school or been to a doctor. >> reporter: philip gur he'da and his wife are being held with charges. >> it's an unusual set of circumstances, well arrang. she was in good health, but living in a backyard for the past 18 years does take it toll. >> police are trying to construct the last 18 years of her life but that process will take time. >> reporter: in new york,
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lauren sivon, fox news. murder has rocked the cam putz pus of virginia tech. two students were found shot to death off campus. a passerby found their bodies in the jefferson national forest yesterday. no word on a motive or any arrests. a swimming trip turns deadly for a 13-year-old boy from west virginia. daunte burns disappeared in the potomac river near williamsport, maryland, tuesday. a nearby fisherman drove in and pulled him out. he was unconscious and died yesterday. a deadly stabbing in northwest may have been a hate crime. someone stabbed two transgendered women this week. joshua max died and the other victim is in the hospital. witnesses say the attacker is a man in his early 30s and the saw him running from the scene. >> i don't like it.
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this is my child who was born just like everyone else. and i don't think it's fair for other people to take his life. >> we are too often reminded that even our basic right to life with out hate and threat of violence and even death is in constant jeopardy. >> the other victim's name is not being released because she is a witness. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. investigators say the thefts could go back years. we are talking phones and laptops and jewelry, all allegedly swiped by this woman, maria ramirez rodriguez, police say she had access to thousands of pieces of luggage. bob barnard has more on how police cracked this case. >> reporter: if you have flown united airlines through dulles international in the past five years, police want you to listen up. if you've lost a cell phone or blackberry, expensive camera,
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laptop computer, or even a piece of jewelry, it may have ended up in this woman's hands. she's 58-year-old maria rodriguez, a united airlines employee charged with grand larceny, that's not good. you have to trust the people you hire. >> reporter: united says it's cooperating with police. in fact, they're the ones who we to police after suspecting rodriguez was stealing things from passengers. she worked at the airline's lost and found office near baggage claim and had access to passengers' checked luggage. >> i'm not surprised. i used to work here as a ramp agent, paid like $8 an hour so there is a lot of room for thievery. >> but what comes around, goes around. so for all of those people who do think like that, eventually they will get caught. >> reporter: these are police photos of some of the hundreds of recovered items. police say they found all of this two weeks ago during a
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search of the suspects home in herndon. >> can't trust anybody. don't leave your stuff. hold onto it. >> reporter: united says it will try to return it's customers' belongings and has suspended rodriguez without pay while the investigation heads to court. >> i just don't leave stuff behind and you hate to see that happen to somebody and hopefully they take care of that employee and it doesn't happen again. >> she had access to checked baggages an items lost for the past five years. that means the potential for stealing from hundreds of thousands of the airlines' customers. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> bob, thanks. it was a water main break of all water main breaks and it turned river road into a river and now there is new information out inspection records of that water main. we have all of the details. >> it seems like just yesterday we were reporting on that. and a terrifying afternoon
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for a group of students as their bus was hijacked. we'll tell you how that played out. and . take a trip down fem mem -- memory lane and vote on et us right back here in two minutes. 
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prince george's county school superintendent dr. william hite says students will be given permanent schedules on monday after a scheduling mishap forced high schoolers into gyms from a software glitch left them without any schedules. school board members voiced their concerns at a meeting. >> for us to go out on the first day of school and not know anything about this, not to be given any types of heads up or prewarning and to have a news station approach us and let us know what is going on is
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absolutely unacceptable. >> we understand the hardship that this has createfor ma of our families and i accept full responsibility for this, offer our sincere apologies. >> it's not clear yet when the system will be fixed. the battle with pepco heats up. earlier this week the d.c. office of the people's council said 43% of the high heating bills were due to faulty meters. pepco says it wants to see the data to back up those claims. it may take longer to wrap up the investigation into this mess. last year a water main ruptured turning river road into a raging river. investigators now say that daily inspection records might have been accidentally thrown away, making it harder to determine why the main was installed properly and whether other pipe have similar problems. at least 2,000 people have
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been forced to evacuate their southern california homes. a wildfire is threatening parts of the area, 20 miles south of los angeles. about 400 firefighters are batting this fire which has burned through 75 acres of land. so far there have been no reports of any damage to homes. >> nasa will try again to launch space shuttle discovery. nasa had hoped for a morning launch but had to put it off to look into a fuel valve problem that delayed another attempt. the mission to the international space station is scheduled to last nearly two weeks. investigators have found the black box belonging to the plane that crashed off the eastern coast of africa earlier this summer. the flight data recorder was found submerged off the island of comoros where a flight en route from paris crashed into the ocean killed 152 people. one person did survive. it's not clear what caused the crash but sources point out that some of the plane did not satisfy european safety regulation. it was kay ott outside of a
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courtroom at the trial of a woman accused of faking her own abduction. [ yelling ] >> that's bonnie sweeten's father. last may she said two black men kidnapped her and her daughter but they were really at disneyworld. the judge ignored the sentencing guidelines of probation and gave her 9-23 months in jail. >> he recognized her actions were calculated, they were well thought out. she truly was thinking only of herself. >> sweeten said financial trouble led her to fake the kidnapping. at time she was being investigated for stealing $280,000 from her ex-husband's family. a man hijacked a school bus in atlanta. >> in all of the cam motion, the bus careened down a steep hill before coming to a stop and as just in gray tells us the suspect was captured on surveillance before the hijacking. >> reporter: this is video of
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harris pitman moments before police say he hijacked a school bus. you can see him acting strange and out of sorts. atlanta police say it was second laters he climbed into this bus that ended up crashing into this ravine. >> it jumped the curb, went down and the bus turned over there. >> reporter: 7th grade student armondo white was getting off the bus when pitman tried to attack the bus driver. >> he jumped behind the wheel and [ inaudible ] and then he got in the driver's seat and the bus was going by itself and he ran into the back. >> reporter: that's when this lawn crew spotted the bus. >> the teenagers were jumping off the bus as the bus was moving. i seen a young lady say help us, help us. >> reporter: atlanta police say it was a student who tried to take the wheel of the bus to keep it from crashing. >> he jumped in the front seat. >> and that's when this lawn crew ran to help. >> as he jump off the bus, he tried to get away and we grabbed him.
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>> two children were hurt in the incident. one was taken to grady hospital and and the other taken home by parents. we're told by school officials that both injuries are considered minor. the lawn crew says they hold on to pitman until police gone got on scene. >> when we turned him over, he a condom on and he was -- i mean, i don't know what he was going to do. >> that was just in gray reporting. now students and the bus driver suffered minor injuries during the attack. after more than two years away from the game, michael vick has returned to an nfl playing field. the new eagles quarterback was in uniform for the team's third preseason game against the jaguars. the eagles didn't wait long to let him play. he entered 11 seconds foot game and got a pretty nice ovation from the crowd. he threw a shovel pass to running back shawn mccoy for a four yard game. in the second series, mcnabb used the legs from the shotgun
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and didn't get fire. he also lined up as a receiver. he was 4 for 4 and the eagles win 33-32. >> i can't explain the feeling. it's unbelievable. the way that i was embraced and just the warm welcome, and it actually made me screw up one of my reads. i wanted to please the crowd. >> vick is eligible for the final preseason game next week and his decision will be made by week six when the eagles get ready to take on the redskins. we will see. >> yes. a brutal beating in a popular area of the district and now a community is calling for action. what they want to see done to improve safety. plus it was four years ago that hurricane katrina came ashore near new orleans. we'll look at recovery process coming up. ndfox 5 is helping you look for a job. hopefully find that job. we ari ftueang a job of the
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all right. we're back ear on fox 5's midday show. and with us today is zack cul betterson. he's the owner and chef at the cowboy cafe which is not far from here. wherere you? >> on lehigh way near the intersection of glebe road. it's a very small place but bright paint. >> a small place with great flavor. and you specialize in what? >> southen cuisine, barbecue primarily but we do cage on creole dishes. >> i love it. i lived down there a long time. what are we doing today?
11:25 am
>> cajun meat pie and it's like and empanada or hot pocket. we'll fry them and make the filling and sample them. >> sounds good. and we'll do all of that when we come back. back over to you. >> i like that name. >> cowboy cafe? >> that's cool. >> and you know gurvir like it's too. >> absolutely. >> gurvir can wear boots and the hot. >> i don't know about the hat. i will wear the boots. >> chef said not required so i can go. if you want to go to cowboy cafe or anyplace this afternoon, you bring along an umbrella. i'll have the details. forecast and we'll talk tropical storm danny and the flood watch and more. >> good time to clean inside your home maybe this eekend. >> this afternoon. >> thanks, tucker. >> and friday at the fair, well it continues this morning. holly goes to the maryland state fair coming up later here heon on the mday show. we'll be back in a moment.
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we're back now with a look at our top stories. and for a second day, mourners from around the world are paying final respects at senator ted kennedy's public viewing at the jfk presidential library in boston. these are live pictures. the facility opened earlier than planned to accommodate crowds. the senator's body will be taken to the church for his funeral tomorrow and the president will deliver the eulogy at mass. senator kennedy will be buried between his brothers john and robert at arlington national cemetery. today there is relief years in the making but it's a bittersweet homecoming for a woman abducted 17 years ago. her stepfather watched helplessly as a woman and woman snatched her from a bus stop when she was 11 years old old. jaycee dugard is now 29 with two children. their father is the convicted sex offender who admitted to kidnapping her.
11:30 am
she lived in his backyard in a hidden compound all those years. he now is in jail and jaycee has been reuted with her mother. a brutal attack in adams . ontimmunity acr in . on >> the tating happened ia city park late wednesday night icd neighbors are asking ph e e atht up the criinm area. roby chavez has the story, but we do warn you some of the details are graphic. >> reporter: the vicious beating took place here next to this bench and underneath a light pole in kalorama off columbia road. >> this guy was on the ground with his clothed mostly ripped off of him. >> the sidewalk is still stained with signs aft tack. >> his face had open gashes, blood using and he was unconscious. >> reporter: one witness afraid to show his face, a group of five you people were relentless. while walking his dog, he witnessed the brutal beating. >> it was a horrible, vicious attack. blood on the sidewalk, all over the victim. and these kids were just -- it
11:31 am
was like they were having a fun time just kicking the beep beep out of this guy. >> reporter: residents sounded at alarm on this neighborhood serve. the man suffered several broken ribs, had 12 stitches to the back of his head and eye where he was beaten. for lindsey and her dogs mac and lillie, she believes it should be a wakeup call about the park. >> it makes me very nervous. i definitely don't like to walk them at night around here, by myself, but i have to a lot of times and i'm always a bit nervous. >> reporter: witnesses say police responded but the victim did not file a police report out of fear for his life. he got beat because he tried to stop the group from beating up on a homeless person. it's unsettling for peter as he walks his dog black labs. >> it's diraceable. it's bad that guy who tried to
11:32 am
go to his aid got attacks. that's pretty shocking. >> reporter: it's an image that hopes that a walk in the park doesn't become the same. >> they're animals and to sit there and keep kicking someone unconscious like that. >> reporter: roby chavez, fox 5 news. it's going to be four years tomorrow when hurricane katrina hit the lousiana coast, claiming more than 1600 lives in lousiana and mississippi and the area is still rebuilding. katrina left behind more than $40 billion in property damage but because of the building, the economy in the new orleans area is among the healthiest in the country. trying to revitalize the area. >> amazing scenes. and that boat right there. it's hard to believe it was four years ago already. >> i know. incredible. >> so what is going on. we have a lot going on and
11:33 am
no katrinas out there. we have a tropical storm danny. >> no. >> no. >> don't do it. he's trying to bad moh him. and llutature wig get you. >> i won't. listen, we have a flood watch. we have showers and thunderstorms moving back in a moe rimmediate concern here in the washington area. >> i put that -uhuhh uhn oyou. and you did respond. n didn't mean to that that. >> i respect your opinion on this, allison. >> good. >> here are the showers and thunderstorms again, starting to bubble up. but here is washington, just off to the south so the south side of the beltway and as you work down towards springfield, it looks like a thunderstorm starting to build. back down to the south here down towards fredericksberg more shower activity. and it will be with us all afternoon. it's been kind of bubbling up here and pushing off to north and east during the past hour. and because of that, we've got a flood watch in affect until tonight. we're going to have a warning starting at 2:00 this
11:34 am
afternoon. this is parts of virginia, including fairfax, montgomery county, howard county and up toward baltimore. baltimore this morning, up in northern baltimore and hartford county, they had up to 6 inches of rain in thunderstorms that were training across portions of northern baltimore county. we're concerned that could happen aga today and because of that we have a flood watch. you could get an inch to maybe two inches of rain underneath one of those thunderstorms and in a short period of time. so we'll see flooding on roadways. here is why. a lot of tropical moisture. look at it off to the south and west there. upper level low across portions of georgia. and that's lifting all of this energy to the north. so we have to deal with all of that this afternoon and tonight. to complicate matters, we have a cold front out to the west. can you kind of see it toward chicago. and that will charge through here during the day tomorrow so. that will help squeeze out the atmosphere of he moisture and that gives us potential for heavy rain this afternoon and tonight. once question get the front east of us, on sunday we'll see a generally improving forecast and a nice start to the
11:35 am
workweek next week. if we could hang in there, by monday and tuesday of next week we'll have high temperatures in the 70s and lows in the 50s and 60s overnight. it will be cooler today with highs in the low 80s underneath the cloud cover. 79 in fredericksberg. 80 at patuxent naval air station. currently 80. so let's talk about danny. and you can see danny is not a very impressive storm as far as tropical storms go. winds remain at 40 miles per hourch the center of the system is to the west of the convective buildup here. but it is not showing the classic signature of a tropical storm or hurricane. it will lift off to the north and northwest and parallel the coast and perhaps clip cape cod up in southern new england by sunday. won't have much impact on washington weather f. you're headed to the beachers later today or tomorrow you'll see an enhanced storm surge and the potential for gustier winds than would be typical this time of year out at the beach but this is not it. this won't make a direct hit on
11:36 am
the land areas along the eastern seaboard. our forecast into the afternoon, the clouds will stick around, the showers and thunderstorms will become likely by late afternoon and humid. high temperature about 82 degrees. that's 10 degrees coolethan yesterday. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. tonight showers and thunderstorms continue and the humidity as well. winds you out of the east at 5 miles per hour. if you're going to the redskins game tonight, be prepared for rain showers. it might not rain the entire game but there might be showers in the neighborhood at the game time. tomorrow, the showers and thunderstorms and the cold front will enter the area so we can't take out the rain until sunday afternoon. hopefully sunday will be dry. we'll have to watch that forecast a little bit. but right now it looks like sunday is dry. 82 is an afternoon high. that is canadian high pressure and it will feel like a taste of fall just in time for the beginning of september. >> can i ask why you say rainers, instead of just rain. >> that's like because it
11:37 am
shortens it and i can eep the forecast going quickly. it's a storm, it's a rainer. >> i'm glad there is no rainers on sunday because mark has some yardwork to do. >> i bet he does. >> when i think of raining, i think of rodia. well bull riding, boys to men, all in one place. >> boys to men too? where can all of these come together? the maryland state fair. holly joins us live with a preview after the break. keep it right here. we're back in a moment.
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we're back and friday at the fair tips and today we're going bigger. >> holly more sis spending at the day at the maryland state fair in maryland. >> reporter: welcome to the cow palace. i'm going to call it the cow beauty salon since there is one of our girls over there getting her hair dried, or something. the maryland statfair kicks
11:41 am
off today. it runs for 11 days. and they sometimes call it the best 11 days of summer in the state of maryland. this fair covers 100 acres and it literally has something for every. but you haven't been to the fair until you visit the animals. so we'll talk about cows. cows for entertainment and then for agricultural purposes and to high pressure us do that is cowboy rich wrigley who joins me this morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: and now you're the rodeo announcer. >> i will be monday night. >> reporter: monday night? >> yes ma'am. >> reporter: and let's talk about cows for entertain and the entertainment. >> we have the market animals, your steaks and am burgers. monday night the cattle brought in for -- brought in for the rodeo. the bulls from the ranch with born to buck and athletic competition and that's what we'll see at the rodeo mond night. >> reporter: and you know a thing or two about bull riding. got the buckle to prove it.
11:42 am
>> yes ma'am. >> reporter: you rode bulls one time in your life. >> 16 years. girl likes it. >> reporter: there you go. and he's surrounded by girls. married with three daughters. i here your a great announcer. i know it because i've been to the j bar w ranch twice. it's great. but i want to hear your best rodeo voice. >> lath, boy and girls, monday night the cowboys from the international bull riders will be here to go head to head. it's the born to buck program at the maryland state fair monday night. >> reporter: that is good. let's see if i can try. >> folks we gout ourselves a qualified buck. that means he stayed on for eight seconds or more. >> you can stay with me monday night. >> reporter: and we want to talk about the beef barn. and it is one of the sweet girls, this is mckinsey wrigley. and jimmy moxley is also
11:43 am
showing angus cattle. he's a champion. >> reserve grand champion. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> we take them all to a show and all angus from all around the country, they are from california, florida, maine, all -- we went down to georgia this year and they have a competition to see which is the best cattle and this was the second best. so they pick the first bet and this was the second in the whole country. >> reporter: in the whole country? >> yes. >> reporter: right here in maryland. >> yes. >> reporter: and you raise your own cattle? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you have to do. >> every morning you feed them and rie them down. you want to have good hair and brush them down like we're doing root now and then you end up -- you feed twice a day. >> reporter: what do you guys like about the maryland state fair? >> mostly the people we get to meet and the friends we make. i wouldn't have known mackenzie except through the state fair and the county fair. so a lot of time it's just everyone we get to meet and have fun with. >> reporter: what about you? >> the same. i have a greet time with all of
11:44 am
my friends that i meet. >> reporter: i'm going to put you on the spot here. because mackenzie sings the star spangled banner at the rodeo at the j bar w ranch but i thought it would be good if you would sing for us now. i'm going to talk over you, but you keep singing and'll wrap it up. >> okay. [ singing ] >> reporter: before i wrap things up. if you think 4h is all about farm animals, think again. because you're looking at another project, this one having to do with robotics. amanda is the maryland 4h foundation director and she joins me here in another area of the fair. what do we have going on here? >> we have the 4h partners that built the robots and they'll be here the first and second weekend with our national winning robotics team showcasing science, engineering and technology. >> reporter: so people that aren't familiar with all that 4h is, because i think sometimes people do get in the
11:45 am
mode that its just agricultural, can you give us an idea of what young people can find them involved in when it comes to 4h and the difference it makes in their life. >> it is open from ages 8-18 and we focus on science, engineering and technology, healthy lifestyles and citizenship and leadership and we try to help a young person become happy with who they are and grounded in finding ways that they could celebrate the skills they have. >> reporter: whatever the passion may be, a robot or a cow or everything in between. >> we have over 200 roth projects -- projects to participate in. >> reporter: the fair opens today and runs through labor day. $8 for gem admission. it's for family fun than any one family can handle. come be a part of the special summer here at the maryland state fairgrounds. back to you. >> holly, thanks. and this is a way to help those in need and make a very special friend in the process. how you can help furry creatures like this little guy, critters i should say, not
11:46 am
creatures. even if you don't think you can own your own pet, you can help out. plus we're heading back over to studio b. to see what our guest chef is cooking up at the cowboy team here. >> i guess so. >> don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. 
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it is an urgent need in the pet community. we're talking about foster homes for homeless pets like stone that you're looking at here. here to talkabout fostering a pet and stone is bj, our friend from the montgomery county humane society. night -- nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> and let's talk about the things you are trying to do and rescue without walls. what does that mean? >> that's something we're expanding for our foster program. we have had the contract with the county to run the county animal shelter for many, many years and we've also recently had a private rescue on south stone street in rockvillement
11:50 am
we have a few animals still at the private rescue. once they are placed into either permanent adoptive homes or into foster care, then we're going to expand -- we're already expanding the foster into this rescue without walls. the building will be closed once we get the animals moved into the foster or doctors. >> and you're also here today to put up the call that fosters and volunteers are needed. now if you foster a pet, it doesn't mean this is a long lifetime commitment, it means you're taking care of a pet until they find that forever home, right. >> exactly. and it's a great way, if you have enough room in your home and certainly in your heart, to take on several animals at a time, this is a great way to take care of several, each one on a temporary basis until they do get placed. >> stone has a special story. stone is a cat with stone is fiv positive and it means this cat wouldn't do well or is not going into a home with other cats. tells about stone and the special needs that this cat
11:51 am
needs. >> he's essentially fine except for having this condition. he's about 2 and a half to three years old. he came as a stray so we don't no about his previous history. but he's very laid back, very gentle, loves to be stroked and brushed. and he doesn't need any special diet or special medication. >> which i find fascinating. so no special -- and basically it can be likened to hiv in humans, it's just their immune system is weakened and they have to be careful not to get any orange sort of illness. >> exactly. >> but no special medications needed. >> not that we are -- not being specially treated right forig -- for anything. he's nice. >> and he's a good size. >> not too large or small. >> and there is an extra incentive because he happened to be no cost if you're interesting in having stone as your forever friend. >> that's right. he's already been neutered and
11:52 am
microchipped so the only cost is the license fee and that's only $12. >> okay. and sometimes when we say special conditions and the like, it can be scary to potential adoptive families, so find out all about it on the website, montgomery county human society. we'll link that to you can get the information on that and stop. thank you. >> thank you, allison. >> let's head over to studio b. and see what sur i have is cooking up. i think i have found my new favorite restaurant. zack is the owner and chef of cowboy cafe at 29 and glebe road in arlington. and you are cooking up something that spells so good here today. >> this is not hard to do. this is basically right here, we have our filling for the meat pie and this is on the website and find the recipe. >> what is this called? >> this is the cajun meat pie.
11:53 am
and this is the pie crust. you can use a store-bought. we make our own. and once the filling has cooled down, you're just going to put maybe a tablespoon of each into a four inch round pie crust, which you can cut with a cup or whatever. >> that's funny because it's a fork but it makes it look pretty. >> makes it look professionallish and this is what? >> ground beef, seasoning, allspice, habanero, salt pepper, scallions in there, tomato to give it color. >> to give it a kick. >> but it won't knock your socks off. >> now i would probably be buying the pastries at the store but you make a good point and that is you make most of your things there at the restaurant -- >> we are a scratch kitchen. we make our own bacon, we cure our own meats and make our own sausages. something that a lot of places
11:54 am
aren't doing right now, but it's -- for one it saves money and then also it gives you a little credibily. >> sure it does. >> not buying everything from a vendor. >> that is so cool,. >> and it's easier than people think. i started doing it at home and brought it to the restaurant. >> how long would you let this courtroom then? >> after you've added your cooking liquid at the end, you're going to simmer it for 20 minutes until the water evaporates and i'll finish it with rum. and stir that in there. you can use any dark rum. i'm going with the myers today. and that's just going to give it a sweet kick at the end. >> you're specialty is cajun food. what other kinds of things are you doing and you also cater. >> yeah. we have a great catering company that specializes in barbecue called cowboy caters and we do creole cage-- cajun dishes. >> is it what i would call a hole in the wall? >> yeah.
11:55 am
you could call it a hole in the wall. we are tiny with 12 parking spots. but it's a role cozy homey place. a lot of locals but then we get visitors from d.c. and out of town that have heard about us. >> those hole in the wall places are usually the ones with the best food too. >> i think so. >> and everything is made from scratch, when i love. and you have music too. >> that's right. live music three nights a week. we have some local bands that people probably haven't heard but they put out great music. >> well this looks delicious. zack, thank you so much. and we're going to take a break and again we put the recipe on our website at and after the break, we'll come back and get allison and tucker to try this out. >> great. >> very good. thanks. >> thank you. explain.
11:56 am
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the fox 5 high school game of the week winner, bishop o'connell and woodrow wilson, fox 5 about be out at the matchup at 5:00 and have highlights at 10:00. >> that music has tucker and allison dancing. >> it's fray anoo o artwa look . l aloohd radar. for all of es tonight, be preparfo glled ll tonight,e prepared f r inra ers,ow uding theredskin game at defe tx . lde right now we're gtinldg a good de unthtoldrm bacun bg inross its southern g tear the btway, towa oxon hill and sh inpuroag hesscdroo tow wilson bridge. be prepared for more thunderstorms developing this afternn. let's go to the five-day r ect. av oeginto affect at 2:00 ain towe this afternoon. 2: ready for heavy rain and t dersto highaivity. pehigh temperature of

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